So you know when you look at gifs of Sarah Paulson and you suddenly feel really really gay…?

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11:Best friend? Maekena

12:Relationship status: singleee

13:Biggest turn ons: dark brown/black eyes, people explaining science and math to me, Dana Scully, Sarah Paulson, tall people, female scientists, etc..

14:Biggest turn offs: BAD TEETH, insecurity, short boys, pretty much everything about boys right now tbh

15:Favorite movie: Beetlejuice, but Frances and Thelma & Louise are strong seconds (also Star Wars/The X-Files but they don’t count)

16:I’ll love you if: you give me food 

17:Someone you miss: my grandpa

18:Most traumatic experience: mmm too traumatic to say

19:A fact about your personality: I’m painfully shy but I’ve learned to act like I’m not

20:What I hate most about myself: I don’t hate anything about myself. but I would like to deal with my anxiety better


0:Height: at least 5’ 9”

1:Virgin? nah

2:Shoe size: 10 lol

3:Do you smoke? no

4:Do you drink? yeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssss!

5:Do you take drugs? no

6:Age you get mistaken for: people usually think I’m older? idk

7:Have tattoos? no

8:Want any tattoos? yes

9:Got any piercings? my ears and my bellybutton :)